CPF Housing Grant For Executive Condo

The following CPF Housing Grant is available for buying an Executive Condominium (EC) unit from a property developer:
1. Family Grant
2. Half-Housing Grant

You and any co-applicants must be eligible for the grant at the point of booking the EC unit.

Check if you are a first-timer applicant

You will be considered a first-timer applicant if you have not received any housing subsidy from HDB, which means that you must not:

* Be the owner of a flat bought from HDB
* Have sold a flat bought from HDB
* Have taken the CPF Housing Grant to buy an HDB resale flat or Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat, an EC unit, or taken over ownership of such a flat or EC unit
* Have transferred the ownership of a flat bought directly from HDB, an HDB resale flat bought with a CPF Housing Grant
* Have bought a DBSS flat, or an EC unit where the project was launched for sale in 2015 or after
* Have ever taken other forms of housing subsidy, such as Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) benefits or privatisation of HUDC estate

Citizen Top-Up (For SC / SPR households)

You can apply for the Citizen Top-Up of $10,000 when a qualifying member of your SC/SPR household obtains Singapore citizenship. You need to submit your application to HDB within 6 months of being eligible for it.

How To Apply For Grant

You may apply for the CPF housing grant when booking your EC unit with a property developer.

Disbursement of Grant

CPF housing grant is fully credited into the CPF Ordinary Accounts of eligible Singapore Citizen (SC) applicants. It is not paid in cash.

Usage of CPF Grant

The CPF Housing Grant can be used to:

– Offset the balance downpayment for the EC and subsequent payments towards the purchase price
– Reduce the mortgage loan for the EC

The grant cannot be used for the minimum cash downpayment (if any) and monthly mortgage instalment payments. The grant will also be included in the computation of the CPF withdrawal limit.


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